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15% off pre-paid series of three or more of same service.
24 hour cancellation required.
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Put your best skin forward.


15+ years of experience in advanced skincare treatments, including peels, microcurrent and ultrasound therapy. With the use of cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, help further the results of your treatments.


The Quick Fix 45 min. $65+

A perfect treatment for teens or a night out. Each treatment is tailored to your skin type and specific skin condition using cosmeceutical grade antioxidants, acids and enzymes. Includes steam, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions(if necessary), nourishment with antioxidants and/or antibacterials, mask and moisturizer/protection.

Custom Facial 75 min. $95+ | 90 min. $105+

Cleanse, refresh, and relax. Designed for all skin types, a light steam will begin to soften the skin preparing your face for a deep pore cleanse, which includes manual and/or enzymatic exfoliation. Next, extractions (if necessary) are performed along with a thorough analysis of your skin's condition. Antioxidant/peptides and/or antibacterials nourish the skin during a face and shoulder massage. To conclude, a nourishing mask is infused into your skin.

Male Specific 50 min. $85+

Requesting that fellows shave evening before or four hours prior, a steam cleanse is followed by exfoliation and extractions to remove ingrown hairs. To reduce any redness or irruption, your skin is soothed with a custom mask while you enjoy a neck and shoulder massage.

Osmosis Non-Acid Infusion Facial 60 min. $95

A non-acid peel, with a potent liposomal delivery system of calming, antibacterial, lightening, and remodeling ingredients that is great for every skin condition. It is an extremely safe way to repair/rejuvenate your skin, even through pregnancy!

Microdermabrasion 50 min. $85+ | 75 min. $100+

Best done in series of 3 to 6 (15% off all series!)

A non-invasive resurfacing/exfoliating procedure that simultaneously uses a flux of micro crystals and suction to break up dull, dead skin... evening texture and tone while stimulating collagen production and softening scar tissue. 


Superficial peels remove the epidermal layers of the skin using acid solutions ranging from Alpha/Beta/Keto acids, to TCA, Resorcinol, and Retinol. Peels have been proven to be effective in drying out and correcting acne. Peels also help to refine pores, reduce shallow wrinkling/scarring, lighten hyper-pigmented areas, and just improve the overall appearance/health of aging skin.

Light Peels

A treatment that does not usually cause immediate visible exfoliation. However, as treatments are repeated, the skin experiences a mild sloughing. For best results a series of three to six treatments should be performed one to two weeks apart. Light peels are a good introduction to deeper treatments.


Mid-depth peels (includes a post peel-follow up visit)

These peels begin to affect the intra-epidermal layer of your skin, and exfoliation occurs within two to three days post treatment. The skin goes through very little down time. Peeling consists of mild/moderate flaking, similar to a sunburn peel. Mid-depth peels can usually be done monthly for as long as needed.


Deep Peels (includes a post peel-follow up visit)

Being the most intense, these peels affect the deepest intra-epidermal layers. The skin undergoes excessive peeling, which occurs three to four days after application.   Expect some down time, because on day three or four, the skin can become brown and crusty (some might consider it unsightly). The skin peels in large segments as opposed to flaking, revealing significant positive change in your skin! Deep peels can be done six weeks apart, but should be limited to three or four a year.


Can be added to any skincare treatment to help further your results.

Ultrasound Therapy

10 mins $20+

Ultrasound energy/waves(1mHz) travel deep into tissue, via a cunductive gel, creating a gentle heat. This generated energy is found to increase product penetration and blood flow, feeding the skin. As well as increasing tissue elasticity and facilitating lymph drainage to stimulate healing.


Microcurrent Therapy

10 mins $20+

Using low levels of electricity (which mimic the body's own natural current), microcurrent triggers reactions at a cellular level that re-educate the muscles in your face, as well as enhancing the productions of collagen/elastin.  Also by increasing circulation, clients regain firmer facial muscles, tighter skin, lifted brows, contoured cheek bones and a more defined jawline.


Enzymes  $10.


Alpha/Beta/Keto Hydroxy Acids $10.

Vitamin A Peel $20.

Jessner/Non Resorcinol $30.


Deluxe Eye Treatment 20 min $25+

Reduce puffiness, firm, moisten and hydrate dry tissue as well as soften fine lines while experiencing sensations of warm and cold to work out the delicate muscles of your eyes. Your eyes will love this soothing and restful treatment.


Toxin Relief Back Treatment 30 min $65+

Whether your skin is parched from the sun, experiencing a breakout, or you're just craving a little TLC, this treatment will rejuvenate and bring back that healthy glow your skin deserves. 


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